The New Shoe Company

The New Shoe Company has a product line which includes men’s, women’s and kids shoes, sandals and boots. These are mainly being produced in well equipped factories in Portugal. Our brands Bibob, Eve & Adam and Italian Styles are well known in the market. Besides these brands we also offer the possibility to produce client’s private label.

From the creation of the first model until the final delivery, our technical staff closely watches every step from the development until production process and analysis of sales figures. When a new trend appears, we make sure that we provide the production space to deliver it to our clients quickly, as this is our specialization. We have been able to achieve confidence of our buyers, by providing them the quality products at keen prices. Our aim is to deliver successful shoes to our customers!


The New Shoe Company has been established in 1992. We are situated in the former heart of Dutch shoe production, Waalwijk.


Office: +31 (0) 416 566666