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Eegim shoes – AFG’S casual department.

We are specialized in designing and producing a wide range of footwear for young and old which are suitable for every occasion.

“We never stop exploring”

Our business model is driven by market demands, we are specialized in all kinds of footwear for various (B2B) customers in europe, the middle east and most south american countries.

Our product designers collect ideas, create seasonal concepts and communicate key trends with our development department.

Our strengths lie in our dedicated footwear sourcing teams. We are specialised in quality assurance which starts with the source of raw materials. Our approach to adopt responsible and transparant purchasing practices and manage chemical compliance from the raw material stage tot he final shoe testing.

Our Products are mainly produced in China.

Eegim shoes produce its products according the requirements and standards of BSCI/REACH

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Our offices
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