The trick to make a brand

Fashionable, cool and distinctive: three words that describe childrens jeansbrand Vingino. Our collection is inspired by today’s adult fashion streetimage, making every child feel cool and confident.

Our history goes back to the early eighties. British Knights was launched by a New York based sports footwear wholesaler as a fashionable alternative to the major ‘performance’ sportswear brands.

ILC is a fashion forward shoe brand based in the Netherlands. Our premium collection is luxurious with a playful twist, to wear daily and a potential to become your most beloved item!

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Why private label and brands choose us?






This is how we do it

Due to the horizontal set-up, we work together with 1 responsible manager on all aspects and can switch very quickly between the 3 main lines, product-sales-marketing. The advantage of this is that we can react un-bureaucratically and very quickly to market movements and thus create a unique experience for our consumer. On product experience, price and perception.