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Specialized in designing, developing and producing fashionable ladies footwear. We produce private label and exclusive collections as well as leather as synthetic materials carefully chosen by our customer.

“Fall winter 21, a fresh start”

The women’s collection of Orces Design anticipates to a large part of the market with its collection. Both during the regular season with a leading time of 3 months, and anticipates directly to the trends with a leading time of 3 up to 6 weeks.
With our many years of experience and knowledge in the production areas and countries, our team creates a fashion collection for every target group in Europe every season.
In our production countries: China, India, Portugal, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Turkey Orces Design has a professional team ready to ensure collection development, order follow-up and production quality.
In addition Orces Design is expertised in sourcing in all mentioned production countries, and is working together with a wide range of factories so we can handle different price and quality levels.

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Our offices
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